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Around The Industry 10/04/21

05 Oct 2021 4:12 PM | Anonymous

Around The Industry

Publications from the Michigan State University Turf and Landscape Extension, the USGA Green Section, and the Michigan State University Pest Management Digest have been recently released. The Michigan Turfgrass Foundation is proud to share recent news and support these exceptional turf related programs at Michigan State University and turf related organizations throughout our industry.

MSU Pest Management Digest

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Fall armyworm egg masses hatching now could bring new turf damage soon

David Smitley, Michigan State University Extension, Department of Entomology - September 24, 2021

New fall armyworm egg masses are appearing this week on golf courses, in yards and many other places in southern Michigan. The egg masses were deposited by moths that recently flew into the area. Fall armyworm moths may fly 100 miles or more before laying eggs, so they could be coming from outbreaks reported this summer in other midwestern states.

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MSU Turf & Landscape Digest

Maintaining a grasses and sedges garden

David Lowenstein, Michigan State University Extension - September 13, 2021

The aesthetic and environmental value of ornamental grass and sedge gardens was described in the Michigan State University Extension article, “Starting a grasses and sedges garden.” This article will cover several strategies to keep your garden productive during the dormant season and ready for the following season. Under most conditions, ornamental grasses and sedges are tolerant of your USDA plant hardiness zone in Michigan. Many are especially accommodating to problem areas of the landscape that remain moist through the season or that become very dry. Well established plants should return and flourish in the following season after planting (Photo 1).

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USGA Green Section Record

Welcome to the Trunk Show

When tree removal is not an option, pruning lower limbs may be the next best thing.

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Too Much of a Good Thing

Rounds are still up, but when does too much of a good thing become a bad thing?Reador

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It's Been a Pesty Year

As if the weather doesn’t already make balancing turf health and playability enough of a challenge, ants and armyworms decided they would like to join the party this year too.

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